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While I find it nerve-racking that many people are expecting president elect Barack Obama to solve ALL our country’s issues (I’ve heard this in regard to Health care, Economic woes, International development etc), it is inspiring that citizens passionately want our country to move in a new direction these next 4 years.

This article, compiled by blog writer Andrew C. Revkin, exemplifies this idea in regards to new green policy.

A couple of my favorite ideas by people include:

  1. A science advisory board

    “President-elect Obama has much on his plate, but I would encourage him to establish a high-level Science Advisory Board and to make clear to those around him, including members of Congress, that science, not politics, would inform his decision-making in every appropriate area of concern. This nation can no longer afford either voodoo economics or voodoo science if we are to retain our leadership in the 21st century.”

  2. A Green New Deal

    “I would ask President Obama to combine economic recovery and a new energy agenda (renewable energy, alternative transportation infrastructure, energy efficiency, smart grid and smart land use) into a Green New Deal. Several economists, for example 2008 Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman, are talking about the need for a Keynesian type fiscal stimulus akin to F.D.R.’s New Deal. And others are talking about the need to make it green.”

What are your ideas on how the environment can play a more important political and economic role?





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