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“At campuses across the country, in marches, blogs even performance art — one student dressed as a pink light bulb to deliver energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs around campus — students are pressuring their colleges to use renewable energy and calling on congress to enact legislation that encourages reductions in carbon emissions. “

“‘We don’t just see this as environmental but about civil rights,'” said 19-year-old Catherine McEachern of Cornell University. “‘It’s the calling of our generation. Global warming has been neglected by the previous generation, and we see it as an injustice that needs to be changed.'”

Energy Action. Step It Up. KyotoNOW. Bright Planet. Focus the Nation. Campus Climate Challenge. With so many cross-pollinating student groups and efforts, no wonder global warming is hot.

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“The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay today (Dec. 20) pledged to take a leadership role in addressing the critical issue of global warming. UW-Green Bay Chancellor Bruce Shepard signed the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, a pledge to develop a long-range plan to reduce and ultimately neutralize greenhouse gas emissions on the campus. “

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“When you look at the lighted face of the McGraw Tower clock at night, think of the sun, because the sun now supplies the university with enough energy to light the tower. In late December workers completed the installation on the roof of Day Hall of solar panels that will generate slightly more electricity than is used by the clock tower lights, so the tower has been chosen to symbolize the new energy source. The system was turned on and began feeding power into the university power grid Dec. 20. With 54 26-square-foot solar panels generating a peak 15 kilowatts (kw), it is the third largest solar array in Tompkins County after the Tompkins County Library, whose system is rated at 145 kw, and a recent apartment building installation rated at 16.7 kw. Eight similar panels, rated at 2.2 kw, will be installed over the loading dock of the Cornell Store.”

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