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Sustainable Cornell

Sustainable Cornell
This is an exciting week for Sustainbility at Cornell. We’re kicking off with Campus Sustainability Day on Wednesday, followed by a week of events for Focus the Nation and then ending it all with a party for the Earth for the International day of Climate Action.

Schedule of Events:
Oct 25: Campus Sustainability Day
•Student Organizations Info 10:00-2:00PM, Ho Plaza.
•Eco-Players: The Lorax. 3:00PM, Ho Plaza.
•Dr. Scott Sherman- How David Conquers Goliath: The Power of People to Overcome the World’s Largest Corprations and Governments. 4:30-6:00PM, 165 McGraw Hall.
•“Surviving the Next Epidemic” a presentation on factory farming with free vegan desserts. 7:00-9:00 PM, McGraw Aud.
Oct 26:
•Sustainability Expo, Ho Plaza, 11:00AM-2:00PM
•Dr. Scott Sherman- Teaching to Transform the World: An Innovative Approach to Education. 5:15-6:30PM, 165 Statler Hall.
Oct 27:
•Captain Planet- Cartoons that Matter. 8:00PM, RPCC Auditorium.
Oct 28:
•Fall Environmental Education Event at Hector Forest. Day-long event. Contact elr28 for more information.
•Challenges of Energy in the 21st Century in Statler Aud.
•Energy Lectures & Panel Discussions 10:00AM- 4:30 PM, Statler Aud.Oct 30, Cont.The Climate Crisis and the 2006 Elections. Townhouses Community Center, 6:30PM.
Oct 31
•Global Warming: The Signs and the Science.Film screening, 7:00PM in AppelMultipurpose Room 302A.
Nov 1
•”Sustainability at the Local Level: Building Enterprise from the Ground Up” 5:00 pm, Warren 401.
•The Climate Crisis and the 2006 Elections. 8:00PM, Becker House TV Room.
Nov 2: International Day of Climate Action
•Student Demonstrations 10:00-2:00PM, all Quads.
•Cornell Professors Speak Out about Global Warming 10:00-1:00PM, Arts Quad. •Power of the Wind Contest 12:00PM, Arts Quad.
•Cornell Organization for Labor Action: Fair Trade and Recycling- Reducing CO2 Emissions

You’ll want to be there for all of it! To see which of your friends are already planning on going, check out http://cornell.facebook.com/event.php?eid=2213076291 and we’ll see you all week long!


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