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Jobs for New Members

Spring 2007 Semester
Blog Webmaster

Currently, the Sustainability Hub has a blog where students from different environmental groups can post news, opinions, and announcements. We need one person to update the blog with news, announcements, and other relevant information on a weekly basis. The website is http://sustainablecornell.blogspot.com. If you’re interested in this position, please contact Ding Kong at dk278@cornell.edu for username and password.

Campus Sustainability News

The editor for Campus Sustainability News would like to have someone revise and edit the newsletter before it is sent out. This will involve reading the short stories in the newsletter and suggesting beneficial changes, in addition to providing suggestions for improving the newsletter. If you’re interested, contact Carlos Rymer at cmr55@cornell.edu.

Create Your Own Project

The Sustainability Hub strongly encourages students with new ideas to bring them about at meetings and begin their own initiatives. Usually, other students are also happy to join a new effort. Basically, such initiatives would benefit from information sheets about the initiative, a list of what needs to get done and how those items will get done, and the costs and benefits associated with the initiative. Students can then announce their initiatives on the blog, website, and newsletter to gather further support from student organizations, faculty, and staff. Contact Dean Koyanagi at drk5@cornell.edu for more information.

Feel the Heat Week

A team of students is planning a weeklong series of activities and events around Earth Day to raise awareness about global warming on campus. The week, called Feel the Heat, will make learning about global warming fun and interesting while calling for significant measures to curb global warming. If you’re interested in getting involved, contact Stephanie Radi at sar44@cornell.edu.

Greenroofs Team

In the past, the Sustainability Hub had a committed team of students working to further green the campus by installing greenroofs on new and existing buildings. The team successfully convinced the College of Human Ecology to place a greenroof in the new Martha Van Renssalaer building. Now, the Sustainability Hub needs a new team of committed students to advance this great way of greening the Cornell campus. If you’re interested, the Sustainability Hub has information about the previous project, contacts for new projects, and strategies for students to go about doing this. Contact Dean Koyanagi at drk5@cornell.edu for more information.

Literature on Past Campus Projects

The Sustainability Hub is in need of documents that can provide students with an idea of the scope of campus sustainability projects, both past and ongoing. Usually, students who know about them have to tell new members or interested groups about such projects. We need 2-3 students who will commit to searching all past campus sustainability projects, both university-led and student-led, and writing half- to one-page information sheets about each. We also need these students to find out about ongoing projects and write brief excerpts about them in two-page information sheets. To get involved with this project, please contact Carlos Rymer at cmr55@cornell.edu.

Outreach to Groups

The Sustainability Hub’s job is to connect as many environmental groups on campus as possible. To that end, we sometimes need to attend meetings of other groups to know what they’re doing and provide an update about what’s going on at the Hub. We need at least two students committing to attending ~2 meetings per week for other student organizations; these can be the same groups all the time or different groups every week. If you’re interested, contact Ding Kong at dk278@cornell.edu.


One of the few things members of the Sustainability Hub seldom remember is to bring a camera to meetings, activities, and events. We need one student who will commit to photographing activities and events for Campus Sustainability News, the blog, and the website. Please contact Carlos Rymer at cmr55@cornell.edu if you’re interested in the position.

Sustainable Foods Team

Similarly, the Sustainability Hub historically had a team that worked to make Cornell Dining more sustainable. In reality, the team still exists, but it is now a separate student organization, Farm to College Working Group. We need at least two students working to connect F2C’s work with the Sustainability Hub and New World Ag and Ecology Group. This will allow the Hub to help both groups coordinate their activities together and push their initiatives with broader student support. Contact Ding Kong at dk278@cornell.edu for more information.

Sustainability Boards

The Sustainability Hubs has several boards set up in Libraries and Community Centers. Due to the many activities and news that emerge every month, these need to be updated on a monthly basis. We need at least two students to commit to browsing for new information to place on the Sustainability Boards every month. This includes Upcoming Events, Recent News, Ways to Reduce Your Footprint, and more. If you’re interested, contact Carlos Rymer at cmr55@cornell.edu or Ding Kong at dk278@cornell.edu.


The Sustainability Hub has a website at http://sustainabilityhub.hopto.org, which hasn’t been updated since it was first created in early 2006. We need 1-2 students to commit to updating the website with all news and announcements, as well as ongoing projects, a list of members, and other relevant information. If you’re interested, please contact Ethan Rainwater at elrainwater@gmail.com.


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Kyoto Now!´s Beyond Kyoto Initiative is well underway. The student organization is calling on the entire Cornell community, particularly President Skorton, to embrace its goals of making the campus Carbon Neutral by the school year 2007-2008. Global warming is already disproportionately affecting too many poor people all around the world, not to mention the massive changes it is inflicting on ecosystems. As such, we cannot treat it as just another ënvironmental issue.¨

Kyoto Now! calls on all students, faculty, staff, departments, and student organizations to endorse our initiative to immediately make a moral commitment to offset our emissions of carbon dioxide and create a long-term plan for on-campus climate neutrality. If you´re interested in supporting this initiative, please contact a representative at cmr55.

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