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By Elan Shapiro:

Justice and sustainability are one? It so often seems that people with a global warming and sustainability agenda and those focused on social and economic justice are operating in very separate worlds. They are often amazed and aghast that those in the other world don’t “get” the immediacy of their cause. In spite of this all-too-familiar story, the good news is that more and more people – both in our region and nationally – are beginning to “connect the dots” and find more integrated solutions to the threats facing our communities and our ecosystems.

Just as industrial pollution’s disproportionate impact on disadvantaged communities sparked the environmental justice movement, the inequitable effects of global warming on less privileged populations – whether in New Orleans, Alaska, or sub-Saharan Africa – are helping fuel a broad-based coalition for a greener and fairer economy. Sustainability is being seen as a way of providing “justice” to future generations of humans and to other species, and increasingly, efforts to address the inequities in neglected urban neighborhoods and war-torn nations like Iraq are linked to the need to build more localized economies that are not fossil-fuel dependent. (more…)


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